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About the yoga spot

Think of the yoga spot as your oasis where you can workout, hangout and chill out. Our goal is to make you feel completely satiated in your mind, body and spirit after you leave this space.

the yoga spot is a boutique hot yoga studio, meaning classes will be smaller classes so we will be able to give more attention to each student during class. As far as the “hot” part goes, yes it will be hot in there, but we didn’t just get any heating system. The owner is a bit of a wellness junkie, so she thought, let’s make this the kind of heat that not only makes you sweat like crazy but also detoxifies and heals your entire system is truly one of the most effective tools for the body’s detoxification pathways. But most importantly, you will SWEAT.

Class style

Each yoga class will be a vinyasa flow, meaning classes will move faster and link breath to movement. There will always be options to kick it up or take it down a notch depending on what you need in that moment. Classes will be all levels, and we mean that! Do not feel intimidated if you have never done yoga before, we are here to have fun and break a sweat. Music will be playing throughout class to keep you out of your head and focused on your practice. We want you to walk into this space and be able let that sh*t go.



Owner, Instructor

At the young age of 7, Daria fell in love with everything yoga. She was lucky enough to be introduced to this practice by her best friend’s mom, an ashtanga yoga teacher in the area, Amy Gordon. Daria was raised in a dance studio, and still dances professionally. But when she found yoga, she knew this was her true love and calling. In 2014, she got her 300hr yoga teachers certification in Nosara, Costa Rica, a Jivamukti training (vinyasa flow that incorporates music, manta and mediation). She’s been teaching all over the country and world since. From teaching yoga at an international dance festival in Poland, to teaching in corporate offices, to becoming the main yoga, barre and pilates instructor at The Rittenhouse Hotel in Philly. She also had the opportunity to start up and run a kids dance and yoga program at a Montessori school in Marin County, California. Eventually, she became the manager of bulldog yoga in malvern. When the pandemic hit, she moved to teaching mostly private clients and realized she was ready for a new venture. After years of dreaming, she finally decided it was time to open her dream studio. She is so excited to share her space with you and cannot wait to have you in class. 

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